here at C.P. Tactical Solutions, We offer a variety of firearm services!

  • AR-15/AK-47 Customization (Cerakote, Milling, etc)

    Looking to customize your rifle? Let us build your AR-15 or AK-47 how you want it! You tell us how you want it to look and we’ll get the job done!

    **Customization prices may vary depending on what is being done to firearm**

  • Gunsmithing

    Does your gun need a good cleaning? Bring us your firearm and let us take care of it! We do anything from basic accessory installation and sight replacement, to a full weapon cleaning!

    • General gunsmithing rate is $50 per hour.

    • Gunsmithing packages we offer:

      • Basic Cleaning: Field strip, clean, lubricate, and function test -$25

      • Carry & Reliability Package: detailed strip and inspection of firearm, polish and deburr feed ramp and chamber (includes cleaning and lubrication) - $99

  • Armorer Services

    Is your gun not firing correctly? Bring it in to us and we’ll get it working the way it should! We do full gun diagnosis and inspections, and will correct any malfunctions!

  • Zeroing

    Need help zeroing your firearm? With customer provided ammunition, we will scope mount and zero your firearm for only $25! We will make sure you're on target!

firearm transfers:

For only $25, you can come to our facility and transfer a firearm! We allow both third party transfers and private transfers.
For third party transfer, we ask that you call us ahead of time to tell us what is coming and from where. Otherwise, there will be an additional charge.